NBI Products That Help You Change Lives and Transform Workplaces

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If you are new to the KNI and NBI this is for you. Here you can advertise your NBI business on the KNI website. This might be your gateway to becoming a successful NBI Practitioner.

NBI Merchandise

NBI Marketing Flyers

These marketing flyers will help you change the way you do business in all aspects of business.

NBI General Information

If you are looking for a concise document to leave your prospective clients with then you are looking for the NBI General flyer. This flyer gives a basic background to the NBI® as well as a rationale for its benefit as a profiling tool.

This flyer is a well summarised overview of the potential uses and outcomes of the Neethling Brain Instruments.

NBI Business Information

When approaching a business with a proposal, they are looking for, amongst other things, products that are high quality and backed by a solid brand. The quality they see is not just in the words, but the paper on which the words are written as well as its design.

With this in mind, the business flyers describing what the NBI can offer are the ideal documents to slide in with your proposal. Remember, these flyers are the bare minimum of what your prospective client needs to hear. Once the product is sold, it is you that needs to be bought next.

NBI Educational Information

Let’s face it, sometimes parents need some time to mull things over before making a decision (as we all do really). In such a case, it is so necessary to leave something with them to help them make that decision. If you are looking for a flyer that will contain all the information, and more, that they will need then you should consider keeping a bunch of NBI Education flyers close at hand when dealing with teachers or educators.

In this flyer the reader will find some background information, as well as a mini proposal of what the educational instruments can do for educators and parents. There is a second page to describe the applicability to different age groups and which instruments could be used and why.

NBI Sport Information

The NBI® Sport flyer is your go-to when offering a sportsperson or team your services as an NBI practitioner. In it is a generalised layout of how the NBI applies to the sporting world. When you hand this flyer to your prospective client, they will be receiving the background of the Neethling Brain Instruments plus a description of how the NBI® will help him/her/them to become better sportspeople.

The second page of the flyer gives a further description of how the NBI® can be used to attain a healthier lifestyle and a list of the sports-related profiles that you can offer your client(s).

NBI Young Child Indicator (YCI) Information

If you are a practitioner who has chosen to actively apply themselves to the educational environment, and with young children in particular, then this flyer is a good marketing tool for you. Each flyer has a brief explanation in it, as well as a list of benefits for the potential child client.

At the end of each flyer is a convenient cut-off section where parents can fill in their details to express their interest.

Organisational Wellness Information

When it comes to tendering for a project, the more extensive the information in the tender, the higher the credibility of proposal. Part of that application process is telling your prospective client about the service in question. If you are intending to offer your services on an organisational level, then the Organisational Wellness flyer does that for you.

This flyer contains a detailed layout of what the OW instrument is. In this A4 document, the OW instrument is explained by use of diagrams, a layout of the process involved, and a case study.

Printed in a “gated” style, which means it folds outwards from A5 to A4, this little flyer can easily be slotted into any presentation docket.

NBI Practitioner Tools

The KNI offers a variety of NBI development products for a range of roles and responsibilities.

So, no matter what you do or who you lead, you can find what you need to develop employees, transform teams and create a NBI culture.

NBI Goodie Box

The Goodie Box will help you lead others to perform better individually and on teams, regardless of their roles and responsibilities it will also give you the confidence to help managers and teams understand, apply and integrate their thinking preferences into their respective roles.

What’s in The Goodie Box

  • Set of NBI Marketing Flyers
  • Whole Brian Training Mat
  • Discover your 4 & 8 Dimension Brain Booklet
  • Spotting the Clues Booklet
  • Organisational Wellness Flyer

NBI Spotting the Clues

In this short book is a brief exploration on some ways in which you can begin to ascertain a person’s thinking preferences without knowing what their actual brain profile is. While we do not encourage stereotyping a person, these clues and observations are a good starting point for trying to better understand the person in front of you.

This little book is a good addition to training workshops that you are facilitating, as well as a potential tool for helping your individual clients to become more holistic whole brain thinkers.

Discover your 4 & 8 Dimension Brain

There is more than one circumstance where you would do well to consider this booklet as being indispensable in your work as a practitioner. When it comes to making a sale with a prospective client, it is said that sometimes people need to see something on multiple occasions before deciding to purchase it. Why not leave them with a booklet which gives them everything they will need to know? Information which they will need a practitioner to help them to decipher later…

Each booklet contains a complete summary of the 4 quadrants and 8 dimensions. The summaries are short and concise, using keywords to make it easy to understand. Thinking preferences are then put into action across a variety of environments.

If you are looking for a branded document to give an encompassing view of the NBI across a variety of domains, then this is the booklet you are looking for.

NBI Folder

When people are buying a service, they are buying into the person and the brand. They want to feel like they are in good hands, and quality of packaging goes a long way to help a person feel secure.

The NBI folders are designed with the practitioner in mind as there is internal carry space for your proposal and flyers, or for your client’s brain profile and accompanying informative documents. Additionally, there is a slot inside the folder itself for you to send your business card along with every person who ends up with your folder in their hands.

NBI Whole Brain Training Mat

This mat has the 8 dimensions of the NBI® sprawled out on a 2.2m wide mat, and it is color-coded to enhance engagement. There is no singular way to use it because it can be used in whatever way the practitioner desires. It can, for example, be used in situations of conflict management where people need to “step into the shoes” of the other person by stepping onto the mat. This has probably been the widest usage of it.

Great for use in group settings such as classrooms and business environments, the mat can also be used as a visual aid hung up on a wall during presentations. Use it to make teaching people about their 8-dimensional thinking preferences fun and insightful.

Hand-stitched by our in-house designer, the materials used are durable and ideal for repetitive use. It can be washed by hand and comes with a bag for easy storage and transportation.

NBI Refresher Courses

These short refresher courses are designed for our NBI Practitioners to review and update previous studies and training done in connection with the NBI.

NBI Career Guidance

The choice of a career is, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions that almost every person must make during his/her lifetime. It is a decision where the consequences have an influence on the rest of one’s life. Unfortunately, this is often based on relatively incomplete and uncertain information.

How can you as an NBI practitioner use the NBI to help students make better choices?