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Whether you yourself want to find out more about the Organisational Wellness, or you want to give a prospective client all the information they will need: the OW Flyer gives a thorough outline of what the Organisational Wellness instrument is and what it can do.

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When it comes to tendering for a project, the more extensive the information in the tender, the higher the credibility of proposal. Part of that application process is telling your prospective client about the service in question. If you are intending to offer your services on an organisational level, then the Organisational Wellness flyer does that for you.

This flyer contains a detailed layout of what the OW instrument is. In this A4 document, the OW instrument is explained by use of diagrams, a layout of the process involved, and a case study.

Printed in a “gated” style, which means it folds outwards from A5 to A4, this little flyer can easily be slotted into any presentation docket.


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