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Drawing on more than 20 years of creativity experience, The Kobus Neethling Institute is training the future leaders of the global creativity movement.

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      Where Leaders in Creativity are Trained

      The Kobus Neethling Institute is an award winning and internationally renowned leader in the fields of whole brain thinking and creative behaviour. Feel free to browse through our shop for books and courses that suit your needs.

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      Do you want to become a creative thinker? We offer courses that help you establish creative thinking as a foundational skill in your life. Our courses are open to all – organisations, educators, parents, coaches and individuals. 

      Taking You Beyond…

      Moving from ordinary to beyond. The KNI Beyonder training emphasize our slogan exactly. It is about the challenges of performance, whether personal or organisational. The Beyonder training uses a range of tools to help people reach their top potential.

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      The Neethling Brain Instruments thinking preferences

      Want to Be the Voice of Creativity to the Businesses and People Around You?

      The Neethling Brain Instruments are world renowned profiling tools that test thinking preferences. Simply put, the NBI® helps you understand the way you think. Once you understand your own way of thinking, you can use your creativity to enhance your general approach to life.

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      We offer profiles that you can take to get an idea of your own way of thinking:

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