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We offer bespoke training solutions up to a corporate level, and intensive courses for individuals.


How we think affects absolutely everything we do. But did you know that your thinking preferences do not need to be a mystery? Thinking preferences can be accurately measured! This insight can then be used to bolster your uniqueness, as well as be a starting point for covering any areas where you may be working against yourself. Where do we start?

The Neethling Brain Instruments are world-renowned profiling tools that test thinking preferences. These profiles form the basis of everything we do at the Kobus Neethling Institute. They are at the core of our Beyonder Training Programs and they are the profiling that you will do through our NBI Practitioners Training. With the option to become a practitioner yourself or get another practitioner to profile your thinking preferences, the NBI® will help you understand the way you think in order to harness your natural approach to thinking and enhance your general approach to life.


The Kobus Neethling Institute is dedicated to making the skills of creativity and whole-brain thinking available to the public and organizations all around the world.

  • International Renown – global representatives

  • Individual Focus – large-scale change, one mind at a time

  • More Than Profit – reaching beyond profits into changing lives


Drawing on more than 20 years of experience training large corporates and working with small businesses, our Beyonder programmes are focussed on taking the organization from Ordinary to Beyond. The Beyonder training programme focuses on the process to attain the essential skill of creative thinking.

The training presents “Beyonder” tools that will assist in helping every person within the company to enhance their overall personal and organizational performance. It addresses ideas that have become outdated and changes these outdated techniques into cutting edge models and approaches. Without creativity you can never have an edge – this training provides that special edge.

The Whole-Brain training course is specifically aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI ®. This hands-on course provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills, and techniques for applying the NBI ® to individuals, groups, teams, and classrooms. Practitioners will also be qualified to give guidance to adults and children regarding their thinking preferences.

Upon completion of the course, participants qualify as practitioners of the NBI ®. Do it now online, or find a date to join us for the training in Pretoria, South Africa.

We live in a time of an uncommon need to be creative. While some may see it as simply necessary to practice their own creativity, other’s see in this the opportunity to become a specialist in helping others creatively deal with their challenges. By becoming an NBI ® and an internationally accredited coach with our course, you can be this catalyst for people and organizations around you.

Our NBI Practitioners come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. You can search for a practitioner near you on our NBI Practitioner locator. It is then at your leisure to choose a practitioner who’sc skill-set suits your needs.

Does your child need to practice their study skills? Are you trying to improve your relationship or marriage? Have you got a family member who wants to take their sports-ability to the next level? Other study choices and career guidance avenues not giving you solid advice?

The list of applications is inexhaustible. Contact a practitioner today and begin a journey of growth and expansion with them.

We have taken the past 20 years on insights and honed them into compact courses to benefit your everyday life. There is a course for creating positive, sustainable habits and another which takes you and your romantic partner through an intensive, whole-brain journey of cultivating a great relationship. Then there is our flagship course: the NBI Practitioners Training we mentioned above.

The courses are online and can be done entirely at your own pace.

We are always open to discuss the needs of your company or family. Contact us or one of our practitioners today to start the conversation of how we can take you from ordinary to beyondness!


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