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This box is a collection of essential NBI Practitioner tools that every practitioner can use. It includes an array of marketing pamphlets and a NBI Whole Brain Training Mat.

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There are times in life when it is enough to verbally explain something in order for the concept to be grasped. And then there are times when it is not. In such times we might need tools and mediums to act as conduits for getting the message across.

One such tool is the 8 dimensions training mat. This mat has the 8 dimensions of the NBI® sprawled out on a 2.2m wide Whole Brain Training Mat, and it is color-coded to enhance engagement. There is no singular way to use it because it can be used in whatever way the practitioner desires. It can, for example, be used in situations of conflict management where people need to “step into the shoes” of the other person by stepping onto the Whole Brain Training Mat. This has probably been the widest usage of it.

Great for use in group settings such as classrooms and business environments, the Whole Brain Training Mat can also be used as a visual aid hung up on a wall during presentations. Use it to make teaching people about their 8-dimensional thinking preferences fun and insightful.

Hand-stitched by our in-house designer, the materials used are durable and ideal for repetitive use. It can be washed by hand and comes with a bag for easy storage and transportation.

Another such tool to leave with your prospective clients are the marketing flyers. They cover a wide variety of scenarios, which you can use at your discretion. Leave these with your business card and it’ll give clients something to think about after you have left the room. The following marketing flyers are included:

  • Business
  • Organizational Wellness
  • Education
  • Discover your 4 and 8 Brain Dimensions
  • General NBI Flyer
  • Sports
  • Spotting the Clues
  • Young Child Indicator

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