Very Smart Parents


Very Smart Parents is the only book that assists parents to ultimately develop the Whole Brain of their children.

  • * Gain creative skills to journey with your child from pre-birth to teenager
  • * Guide your child towards whole brain development as a baby, a toddler, when
    starting school and right through those difficult teenage years
  • * Become a co-creator of your child’s future
  • * Discover ways to inspire passion and vision in your child
  • * Smart parents create children that are future smart!

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During the 20th century, parents who were the primary educators of their children tried to manage this vital educational role untrained, often lacking insight. “Very Smart Parents” is the ultimate whole-brain parenting book based on the premises that:

  • – A child’s future does not merely happen, it is created
  • – Every child has the creative potential to be successful
  • – Creativity will determine whether your child will crawl or fly
  • – Children must have vision and a passion for the future

The book has been divided into four parts.

Part one sets the scene for parenting in the 21st century. It discusses a wide range of issues which are relevant for smart parenting in this dramatic age.

Part two deals with parenting of preschoolers. It focuses on whole brain creative parenting and includes many activities for parents and their children.

Part three is for the smart parents of 5 – 13 year old’s. This section is essential for 21st century parents who would like to develop confident, well-rounded youngsters who are fit to attempt the challenges of the teenage years.

Part four is a must for parents who would like to create an exciting future for their teenagers. All the issues of these turbulent years are discussed and advice on many entrepreneurial ventures for teens are offered.


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