Can I forcefully influence the result?

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The way in which the questions are structured makes it difficult to influence the results, but if someone does want to influence the result, that is possible. The question is, however, why you would want to do so, considering that you are only holding yourself back?

What about cultural, generational and gender differences?

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There are many differences between people and these differences all guide behaviour, but these differences do not necessarily determine people’s brain preferences. The combination of brain preferences and these internal and external factors determine our behaviour. Research shows that there are little or no cultural, generational, and gender differences in [...]

What can I do with my NBI® profile?

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A big advantage of NBI® is that it is easy to understand. And thus, you can easily apply the insights you get from your brain preferences profile. You will understand yourself and others better, meaning you will be a more proficient communicator and decision-maker. You will receive recommendations for your [...]


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