What Is Creativity?

There are more than 400 registered definitions of creativity. Creativity is…

… attitude. Creativity is not a talent or an action – it’s a choice of attitude. You must be positive about creativity, and only you can choose your attitude!

 no longer just “a nice to have.” If you want to thrive in the business world, you must think creatively. The playing fields are changing rapidly, and you simply cannot afford to be left behind. In line for a promotion? Creativity may just give you the edge that you need.

… shifting paradigms. Old things won’t let you get ahead. Creativity is looking at the world from a different angle, from outside the box.


You can be creative designing a filing system, planning new strategies, compiling a rotational grid, reaching your target market or balancing the budget.

Let’s do a quick paradigm-shifting exercise. Looking at the dots below, draw four straight connecting lines, touching each dot once, without lifting your pen from the paper. (If you have done this before, try a different method; in not, try not to peek.)



Shifting Paradigms

Did you solve the problem with the dots? Well done!

If not did you see a square or block? You’re not shifting your paradigms! You’re assuming that there is a boundary keeping you inside the nine dots, when in fact none exists. We’ve become so conditioned to think within the rules that we apply unstated rules and criteria to situations where there are none. By force of habit, the mind funnel swallows our creative thinking. Here is one of many solutions:



We can continue shifting paradigms by crossing the dots with three, two and then one straight line. Try it! Be on your guard for the following obstacles:

  • assumed boundaries
  • unwarranted assumptions
  • unstated criteria
  • restricted definitions

Here are some solutions using one line:

  • Cut the paper to separate the dots and line them up. Connect them with one straight line.
  • Write “one straight line” across the dots.
  • Cut the line into pieces and sprinkle the pieces over the dots.

“I object,” you say? “It’s not fair!” You say you weren’t told you could do that? But who said you couldn’t?

Don’t get caught up in your own paradigms in life and cry “Foul!” when others shift theirs!

You Can Be Creative

Research spanning more than 30 years showed that 98% of pre-school children measured, possessed a superb creative ability. By the age of 10, only 15% of the same group had retained that level of creativity. It dropped to 10% at the age of 15, and right down to – brace yourself – 2% in adulthood.

If we all had it as children, where did it go? We conformed. We were taught to do as everyone else does because we developed a fear to be a minority of one.

In experiments conducted in the United States of America on conformity, 35% of the subjects chose an answer they knew to be wrong, just to avoid differing from the undercover group. Conformity has killed your creativity. But the good news is: if you once possessed great creativity, you can regain it.

In fact, you still have it – you just need to find it. Ask challenging questions. Have the courage to be a minority of one.

Creativity is singing in your own key. Let the world hear your song!


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