Accountants are People Too

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It is easy to exalt the very overt forms of creative expression such as art while we neglect the more “background achievements”. How many unsung heroes are there who have, for example, enhanced a company’s books or internal systems? Let us hope that in time the world will become more [...]

Treadmills are NOT for Dancing!

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How refreshing it is when we come across someone who uses everyday objects in a unique way! They may not necessarily be the first or the only, but it does take bravery to actively go against the grain. That is to say: coming up with a novel idea is one [...]

Charting Your 21st Century Journey

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Staying in yesterday It was in the 1980s that Paul Torrance entered my life. He was a tomorrow person, a master on how to become creative, and often remarked that it has always been easy to play around with yesterday. For some people, the excitement is to try to make [...]

Coming Up with and Keeping Good Ideas

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Coming Up with and Keeping Good Ideas Having good ideas is one thing. It is just as important to save them! Sometimes you may have an idea, but no recording material – then it’s time to be creative. Use what you can find. If you are in a restaurant – [...]


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