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How our materials and courses have helped others

I have been able to apply the learning to every aspect of my life. It is easier to be sensitive to other’s needs now that I understand them and myself better. All the relationships, and my work abilities, have benefited from it.

– Freddie Boshoff

Open my eyes and mind for the diversity in the lives of people me serve.

– Johan van Wyk

I am a social worker in private practice and specializes in grief therapy. I use the NBI to get to understand my clients better and to help them understand their grief pattern better.

– Nelia Drenth

Better connection with people and I am able to teach others about themselves.

– Sune Rheeder

I approach my students and patients with a new understanding bringing insight into the way they experience my guidance and advice.

– Cindy-lee du Randt

“You need courage to be creative.  Just as soon as you have a new idea, you are a minority of one.  And being a minority of one is uncomfortable – it takes courage!”

Ellis Paul Torrance


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