BCom Business Management with elective modules available in Creativity Management

What is one of the top 5 desired skills for the future? Creativity. Some call it problem solving or innovative thinking but these are just part of the creativity umbrella.

Toyota is one example of a company favouring creative thinkers. They employ humans over machines in their factories because humans can propose ideas for improvement. Some people mistakenly think you have to be born with creativity or that it solely relates to being artistic. More and more people are realising creativity is relevant to its context and it can be learnt and practiced.

KNI business management and creativity management

You too can realise your true potential

Realise your true potential with a BCom in Business Management and Creativity Management.

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This Programme is ideal for:

Adults who want another income stream as creativity consultants

Young adults who want to enter the job market with a relevant and dynamic skillset

Entrepreneurs / business owners who wish to further their employee’s skills

Professionals wanting to up-skill themselves


This programme is specifically designed to help students realise their true potential.

Preparing students to work with ease in a modern business setting

Students have the opportunity for personal growth as they learn what they need for success in the business management domain

This programme focuses on the inclusion of various aspects within an organisation to further individual performance. These aspects include systems, technology, innovation and people development.

Students will beter understand the role of the manager within a social and economic setting

They will also improve their ability to add value towards managing a system

Benefits of enrolling

The role of business management is at the center of the module

The structure of the programme works with emerging markets

Industry experts lead the workshops

The programme uses a variety of assessment techniques

Scheduling is flexible

The benefits of entrepreneurship is one of the focuses of the content 

Realising your potential through distance learning

Distance learning employs a wide range of teaching and learning techniques such as face-to-face contact and digital support services.

Course Accreditation

This qualification is accredited by the HEQC of the Council on Higher Education of South Africa. It is registered with the South African Qualification Authority on the NQF and is registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

If you are interested in this programme, please contact us for course information:

info@appliedcreativity.co.za   |   (012) 4604118


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