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As part of the array of flyers available to practitioners, the education flyer is the perfect supplement to any discussion involving both education and the NBI where the practitioner wants to leave the listener with relevant information in one concise flyer.

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Let us face it, sometimes parents need some time to mull things over before making a decision (as we all do really). In such a case, it is so necessary to leave something with them to help them make that decision. If you are looking for a flyer that will contain all the information, and more, that they will need then you should consider keeping a bunch of NBI Education flyers close at hand when dealing with teachers or educators.

In this flyer the reader will find some background information, as well as a mini proposal of what the educational instruments can do for educators and parents. There is a second page to describe the applicability to different age groups and which instruments could be used and why.

Ideal as an accompaniment to your proposals, the education flyer is an expression of quality and trustworthiness.


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