NBI ® Practitioners Training

The Whole Brain training course is specifically aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI ®. This hands-on course provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills and techniques for applying the NBI ® to individuals, groups, teams and classrooms. Practitioners will also be qualified to give guidance to adults and children regarding their thinking preferences.


The course costs include the meals, training, and materials (this includes a Whole brain training mat and 10 Free Profiles). Upon completion of the course, participants gain the right to act as practitioners of the NBI ®. Also, participants obtain their own internet dashboards and tools for administering and reporting on profiles.


Establish a primary or secondary income-stream as an independent NBI® Practitioner

You will be able to write-up personalised reports for your clients

Equip yourself to better cope with life’s challenges

Add a new skill to your repertoire as you begin or further your career as a coach

Whole Brain NBI Practitioners Training


The course will provide attendees with a better understanding of thinking preferences, the brain quadrants and the 8 dimensions of the brain. Attendees will also be taken through various applications of the NBI ® in a variety of settings. As part of learning about NBI ®, each attendee will complete their own NBI ® Adult prior to the training and be debriefed on their thinking preferences during the course.

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R 12500 + VAT


Upon completion of the course you will receive ongoing support from the Solutionsfinding Office with any queries related to the administering of NBI® profiles

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Gain the necessary skills, tools and qualification to act as an independent NBI ® Practitioner.

How the NBI® Practitioner Training has Helped Others

It helped me define certain experiences and uncertainties. This pointed me in the direction of what I need to do to grow as an individual. It also helped me better understand people around me.

– Hennie Coetzer

I understand people’s way of doing so much better. I use it in my business as head of music department – to myself as well as the team. Also use it with my kiddies to adopt teaching and practicing methods.

– Hannalie Claassen (JC CLAASSEN)

The training provided me with much needed tools to assist individuals looking for answers, albeit in a counselling, coaching or personal development space.  The most important impact was probably the vocabulary in which to describe the simple statement:”You are okay”.

– Du Toit Orton

Been one of the most valuable, practical and insightful courses I have completed, and it has enabled me to gain huge understanding of self and of others in a very meaningful way.

– Jackie Houston

Incredible. Eye opener for all human beings with incredible benefits.

– Brian Pritchard

Life changing impact. The training added value to my personal life as well as my business, but most of all, it gave me the opportunity to make a difference in the life of other people.

– Ronel van der Merwe

Could start my own business. Isn’t that huge?

– Leon Mostert

Extremely positive, I find that once I get started talking about it I can’t stop.

– Tania Viljoen

The Practitioners training thought me how to identify my prefered ways to think…and how others think. This impacted on my relationships with my wife, kids and other people. I realized we can all be different and appreciate it.

– Wayne Abrahams

The NBI Practioners training enabled me to start my own business. It exposed me to new ways of thinking and to acknowledge and learn from other people’s thinking. The freedom to use the NBI tools in various environments, from children, students, families, and corporate organisations, gave me the opportunity of endless pathways to success. In addition, together with my background in psychology, I am now able to use it to improve the lives of many. Thank you.

– Marissa van Greunen


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