NBI® in a Nutshell

Clicking on this link shows that you have a preference for a straight to the point approach and, perhaps, simplified, brief information. Maybe you chose it because of your current mood, or because you are in a hurry. Either way, it indicates that you have a left-brain thinking preference. It originates from the left, frontal lobe and we refer to it as L1 thinking.

The explanation below is short and sweet to satisfy the L1 thinker.

What is a thinking preference?

NBI ® is a profiling tool created to measure a person’s thinking preferences. Thinking preferences are your preferred ways of thinking while working in your most natural state. When you are working outside of your thinking preference, you are likely to feel a lesser sense of satisfaction with the activity you are doing. You might also notice your energy level dropping. So consider this: if your thinking preference is coupled with a comparative job, your work output and energy levels are bound to be higher.

Thinking preferences can be adapted and everyone is able to use any mode of thinking. When you are aware of your own thinking preferences and how to adapt them and if you are conscious of the thinking preference of others then you are adopting whole-brain thinking. To help people become creative, whole-brain thinkers is the ultimate goal of profiling people with the NBI® tools.

What distinguishes the NBI®  from other whole brain approaches is that it uses the 8-dimensional model. Basically, thinking preferences are divided into 4 quadrants. With the 8-dimension model, however, the 4 quadrants are also halved and separated so there are 8-dimensions. We refer to these as L1, L2, R1 and R2. The L’s are found in the left hemisphere (L1 begin the frontal lobe and L2 the hindbrain). The R’s are found in the right hemisphere (R1 begin the frontal lobe and R2 the hindbrain).

The images below sum up the 8-dimensions and their associated thinking patterns.

Take a look at the frontal left-brain thinking preference below and decide if it suits you.

(Front Left)


Clarity. Simplicity. No distractions. Focus. Likes clear goals. No mental clutter. Concrete values, etc.


Dig deeper. Assess. Reason rationally. Clinical solutions. Identify priorities. Probe. Scrutinize, etc.

(Front Right)


Think big things. Sees the vision. Break new ground. Predict. Challenge the status quo. Risk. Foresee, etc.


Think in pictures. Listen to inner voice. Intuitive. Day dream. Fantasise. Visualize. Doodle. Weird ideas. Instinct, etc.

(Back Left)

Stalwart / Preserver

Disciplined. Conscientious. Diligent. Respects traditions. Methodical and cautious. Loyal. Trustworthy. Reliable. Rules and regulations, etc.


Arrange schedules. Put things in action. Organize and plan. Persevere with details. Fixed schedules. Administer and oversee, etc.

(Back Right)


Work in groups. Consensus. Entertain. Network and co-operate. Socialize. Interact with many people, etc.


Caring and sensitive. Service environments. Attachment with a few people. Sentiment and mood. Likes to nurture and cultivate, etc.

Profiles Available

The NBI® can be applied in any environment, whether it is for an individual or a practitioner. Wherever there is at least one person thinking, the NBI® are applicable. Our profiles are available here on our website. Start your journey toward greater creativity and whole-brain thinking today.

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