The Beyonder training programme focuses on the process to attain the essential skill of creative thinking. It is not meant to be an academic course but rather the focus is on developing unique insights. 

These insights will conclude in an understanding of the ability to cope with your personal as well as your organisational circumstances. The programme invites you to creatively apply a series of insights, models and practical activities to yourself and your organisation.


The Neethling Brain Instruments thinking preferences

The History behind the Beyonder Training Program

Dr E. Paul Torrance coined the word “Beyonders” to describe those at the very high end of creative achievement.

Over forty years ago, he began a study of a high school class in a school known for its high enrolment of gifted students. The senior students then responded to follow-up questionnaires in 1966, 1970, and 1990. From the study, Torrance was able to identify several common characteristics among the Beyonders.

It was found that thirty to forty years later, the Beyonders

  • •  loved the work they were doing,
  • •  were persistent,
  • •  had a clear future-focused self-image,
  • •  never restricted their field of exploration,
  • •  possessed a range of experiences and high energy levels,
  • •  enjoyed challenges,
  • •  took pleasure in discovering the reason behind things,
  • •  and possessed high levels of courage.

Beyonders like to make dents in the universe.
Beyonders create tomorrow.

Beyonders experience life as a daring adventure and prefer roads that are less travelled. They permanently seek variety and are comfortable with creative disorganisation.

In conclusion, 20 Years of creativity experience is the basis of the contents of the Beyonder training programme. Its influence comes from experience in several countries (the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, the UK, India, South America), including African countries, South Africa being ground zero.

The Beyonder Creativity programme addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Many articles about desired skills for the future state that creativity is one of the top 5. Sometimes it’s called problem solving, or innovative thinking, but these are just part of the greater creativity umbrella.

Companies such as Toyota are even reverting to employing humans over machines in their factories. The reason is that humans can propose ideas for improvement. So Toyota is  in need for creative solutions to their problems.

One may take a step back and ask, “if these skills are so important, why were they not a part of my education growing up?” One answer may be that the times have changed so fast that the education system can not keep up.

Until now, creativity has been a somewhat mysterious topic. Think about common statements such as “I simply wasn’t born creative”, or “I’m not artistic enough to be creative!”

Luckily, these misconceptions are about the be wiped out as more people realise that creativity is relevant to its context. It is a skill that can be learnt and practised.

The Art of Creativity

The Beyonder training programme addresses the demand for the leaders of the future to be proficient in the art of creativity. One might easily think that creativity in itself implies art, but art just so happens to be a very visible form of creativity.

Was Einstein not being creative when he came up with the theories and equations that challenged the norm? Are the front-runners in AI and Green-energy not flexing every creative muscle available to them in order to make leaps and bounds in science?

It is easy enough to see that we all need to be creative in order to deal with life’s challenges. But what about dealing with things we as humans have not even encountered yet? Consider the impact these unforeseen challenges will have on our lives, businesses, and the people running those businesses.

The Details

The programme requires that you lift your thinking to remain above the line to free yourself from negativity. The line referred to here divides above-the-line positive thinking and below-the-line negative thinking.

This training helps you:

to become a whole-brain
(4 quadrant, 8 dimension) person

to apply whole-brain thinking to get to personal and organisational solutions

to gain insights into whole-brain creativity techniques

to develop strategies to give you and your organisation the creative edge


Personal benefits

An understanding of the whole brain and how it affects your life and interactions with others

A significant change in how one interacts and works with people in the future

Gives you fresh eyes on how you view the world and value relationships

Learn what “Triggers” positive and negative thinking, feelings and behaviours

Benefits for Businesses

The training presents “Beyonder” tools that will assist in helping every person within the company to enhance their overall personal and organizational performance. It addresses ideals that have become outdated and changes these outdated techniques into cutting edge models and approaches. Without creativity you can never have an edge – this training provides that special edge.

Beyonder Tools

Thinking models

Our programmes encourage people to see and experience new ways of thinking and doing, which will accelerate results, save costs and add bottom line value.

Brain Profiling

Our 8-dimensional Brain Programmes dramatically enhance cross-functional relationships and break down silo thinking.

Creativity Programmes

Our Creativity Programmes equip employees (at all levels) with a large variety of tools and techniques to improve confidence in finding solutions. It also opens their minds to innovation. This creativity experience creates a special kind of understanding about customer needs and how to respond to those needs.

The success of your company does not depend on its size or capability

Remarkable success and results depend upon the ability of individuals and teams to make use of the strengths of their “Brain preferences” or “Thinking styles”. A Beyonder organization will lead the way in innovation, creativity, attract better talent, have high employee engagement and boast a remarkable customer experience.


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