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NBI General

NBI® helps to discover your brain profile: that way of thinking which you naturally go to and gives you energy. NBI® is not about skills, talents, appearance, behaviour or personality. Two people with the same personality type or talents can still have different brain preferences. NBI® is easy to understand and to explain and is therefore easy to apply in daily life.

  • It is one of the leading instruments in the world (endorsed by Forbes);
  • You will quickly understand the causes of broken communication;
  • NBI® can be used for more effective leadership, coaching, career choice and development, team building;
  • There are also NBI® questionnaires for learning style, parenting style and dietary habits;
  • NBI® has questionnaires for children: aged 5-9 years (only pictures, no text), 10-14 years and for students of 15-19 years;
  • It is easy to understand, recognizable and immediately applicable in practical ways;
  • A profile with not only 4 quadrants, but also 8 dimensions;
  • It is affordable.

Please refer to the NBI landing page to find out about the NBI.

No, it is not psychometric, the NBI are didactical in nature. Please click here to find a comparison between didactical and psychometric tests.

NBI® is not the only predictor of behaviour. Sometimes behaviour changes due to circumstances, but that does not mean that your brain preference profile has changed. However, if you, for example, have a preference for dealing with people, your behaviour can change due to traumatic events, such as being physically attacked or mugged. In such a case, you might not have a similar brain preference as before, or even have a desire to avoid dealing with people.


To stay in this example: if trauma resulted in you no longer having a high preference for a people-oriented approach, your behaviour could revert again in time in favour of working with people if you start to heal from the traumatic experience.

No, they are not. We have found that people with very different personalities can have very similar thinking preferences. For example: people who prefer very analytical thought processes can be either introverted or extraverted.

Yes, you can. These tests do not contradict each other, they can be used in tandem for even greater insight into what makes you tick. But we recommend that you approach doing so with a very discerning attitude.

One of the biggest advantages of the NBI® is that there are questionnaires for different ages. Children as young as 4 years old can do their profiles. Please see our range of profiles on the NBI landing page.

NBI® assumes that the 7 billion people on earth share some preferences, but always in unique combinations. This is reflected in a unique brain profile for each individual. NBI® does not put people in boxes: you are not an L2er or a Deliverer. You are a human being. Your profile gives an indication of which quadrants and dimensions you have high, medium and low preferences for. No one has only preferences in one quadrant or dimension and zero preferences in other quadrants or dimensions.


It is always a combination of preferences, and low preferences in quadrants and dimensions are also important. It may be that one or a few of the preferences in such a quadrant or dimension suits you and the rest of the preferences in such a quadrant or dimension do not at all. Likewise, anyone can operate in dimensions outside of those shown on their NBI profile if they choose to.

A big advantage of NBI® is that it is easy to understand. And thus, you can easily apply the insights you get from your brain preferences profile. You will understand yourself and others better, meaning you will be a more proficient communicator and decision-maker.


You will receive recommendations for your business and personal life, your study skills, your career path and possibly certain sports and dietary concerns.

The advice given based on the NBI® often have a lot of influence on the lives of those who complete the questionnaires. The interpretation thereof, therefore, must be done carefully and professionally. The method is easy to understand, but a licensee has a deeper comprehension of the method and can therefore provide a more insightful explanation than just the computer-generated report.


The licensees are trained in interpreting the brain preference profiles. They are experts in their own fields, such as: coaching, training, teaching, etc. Therefore, you can only do a questionnaire through a license holder.

There are many differences between people and these differences all guide behaviour, but these differences do not necessarily determine people’s brain preferences. The combination of brain preferences and these internal and external factors determine our behaviour. Research shows that there are little or no cultural, generational and gender differences in brain preferences.

As with all aspects of human behaviour, our brain preferences are a combination of predisposition and upbringing.

The way in which the questions are structured makes it difficult to influence the results, but if someone does want to influence the result, that is possible. The question is, however, why you would want to do so, considering that you are only holding yourself back?

Doing a Profile

Each question requires that you click three times. You must choose which answers you most agree with, starting with the one you like the most to the one you least agree with. The fourth answer will be chosen automatically. Only once you have ranked the answers 1st – 4th will you be able to go to the next question.

Your email address is put in at this point as a unique identifier. This is also so that your profile can easily be sent to you via the practitioner’s admin site where your profile will be generated.

We do not collect the email addresses that are used in the profiles.

This could mean that the code is either invalid (check for typing errors) or it has expired. Please contact Solutionsfinding directly at:

012 460 4118

You do not have to re-do your profile. Complete your profile at your leisure and contact the Solutionsfinding office and they will help you fix the mistakes. Call 012 460 4118 or send an email to info@solutionsfinding.com.

If you have started a profile in a certain language and do not want to continue in that language, simply contact the Solutionsfinding office on 012 460 4118, or send an email to info@solutionsfinding.com and they will help you to change it.

Yes, it can. The Solutionsfinding office can access the profile details on your behalf. Contact them on 012 460 4118 or send an email to info@solutionsfinding.com.

Yes, you can. The Solutionsfinding office can access the profile details on your behalf. Contact them on 012 460 4118 or send an email to info@solutionsfinding.com.


Please click here for a full report on the reliability and validity of the NBI.

Practitioner Training

Please see the Practitioners Training page for all necessary information.

Please see the Practitioners Training page for all necessary information.

Please see the Practitioners Training page for all necessary information.

Please see the Practitioners Training page for all necessary information.

There is training that takes place in select locations around the globe with the NBI® agents. There is, however, also an online version of the training that will be released in due course.

Payment may be staggered over a period of time leading up to the training if the booking has been made in advance. No payment plan to take place after the training dates will be accepted.

The NBI® are a didactical tool, which means they are used for the purpose of teaching. That does not mean school, necessarily, it means teaching operating under the assumption that there is important theoretical information which the listener requires before the instruction can continue. In this case, that is the knowledge of one’s own thinking preferences, and sometimes the thinking preferences of others.

And teaching can happen in every environment you can conceive of. Wherever there is a need for people to become more in-tune with their thinking preferences, there is an opportunity for you to facilitate the self-learning of the people in those environments.


The NBI® are used by

Business people
Life Coaches
Recruitment Agents
HR Specialists
Sports Trainers

There are no limits to where you can apply the NBI®.

Practitioner Questions

Marketing is a skill that needs to be learnt like any other. We encourage you to take stock of your own thinking preferences and to find courses and information here on the Kobus Neethling Institute learning platform that will help you fill those gaps.

You can basically charge whatever you want. But, remember, in business you can only really sell your product for as much as people are willing to pay for it. Do some market research about what other similarly qualified professionals are charging for the same service. If you are very unsure, please feel free to contact the Solutionsfinding office directly.

No, you do not. There is a generic report generated on your admin site which you will most likely give to your client. You can, however, compile more extensive, personalised reports if it is in the best interest of your client that you do so.

You have no restrictions on where you can dispense the NBI®. The only prerequisite is that you have internet access as the profiles are not allowed to be scored by hand.

Yes, you may. The only requirement is that you acknowledge Dr Kobus Neethling and Solutionsfinding because the material we generate is under copyright protection.

The email address is used as a unique identifier and the system will not allow the same email address to do more than one profile on the same code. SO, it is possible that more than one person has attempted to do a profile using the same code and email address.


Please encourage clients to use their own email addresses and not the email address of the practitioner.

No, this is not necessarily so. You can decide later whether or not to have the profile sent automatically to your client once they have completed the questions. It is entirely up to you and in your control.


Yes, it is. The Beyonder Training represents the essential amalgam of what is required for a person to become an every-day, creative thinker.


This latent skill-set is not exclusive to anybody, as creativity is naturally present in all of us when we are born.


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