Creativity – The Secret to Business Success

Negativity Kills Creativity

Consider the sheer volume of negativity, distractions and energy-draining factors that exist in the world today. Once you have done this, ask yourself how much it impacts on the productivity of your staff and your business success.

The first step to injecting a refreshed flow of lucrative and creative ideas back into your business is accepting the fact that you need to improve staff morale. The best way to do this is to facilitate the generation of creative ideas.

The Kobus Neethling Creativity Guide

Dr. Kobus Neethling, president of the South African Creativity Foundation, has developed The Kobus Neethling Creativity Guide, the most acclaimed creativity curriculum in the world. The guide consists of courses intended to improve innovative thinking for employees across all levels of any business.

The guide offers individuals and businesses opportunities for personal training and development to complement their formal training and work experience. As Neethling puts it: “All organizations that pass through the program have the opportunity to re-establish passion, energy, and courage while gaining a high level of insight into the primary creative skills and the application of these skills in business.”

Flexibility is key in The Creativity Guide.

It contains courses that can be customized to meet the requirements of any business. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, corporate trainers, teachers, parents, learners, and even sports teams have experienced the benefits of taking part in the program.

“This course is a journey of greater personal power and deeper fulfillment,” says Neethling. “It has been designed to use practical creativity to resolve significant personal differences and professional challenges.”

By identifying and eliminating the blocks to creativity and applying strategies to overcome creative hindrances, such as stress, negativity, unhappiness and anger, Neethling has experienced considerable success in turning around poor performing companies and inspiring individuals. His work has shown that anyone can be creative. As young children, we are naturally creative but as we grow and learn from daily experiences, we lose much of our creativity. Fear and uncertainty become increasingly dominant in our lives.

“People never completely lose their creative abilities, but to flourish they must be nurtured. This will ensure that individuals stay creative and achieve success.”

You Become What You Believe

The pressures of life tend to make us confused, tense and despondent. The creative centers of adults’ brains have become numbed by the negativity instilled by life experiences. Most people become what they believe. “If you constantly tell a child that he or she is naughty, the child will most likely live up to this label,” says Neethling. “If you constantly tell yourself that you will never lose weight, be successful or live to be 100, the chances are that you will not achieve your goals.”

Neethling illustrates this philosophy by using Nelson Mandela’s life story, Long Walk to Freedom, as an example. After 27 years of imprisonment, Mandela walked out of prison with one thought in his mind. He committed all his time and effort to liberate South Africa from the oppression of the past government.

Instead of taking revenge and hounding his old enemies, Nelson Mandela surprised the international community by embracing his leadership position and very soon the world respected him as a healer, leader and the father of democracy in South Africa.”

Neethling feels that if more businesses took stock of their measurable qualities, such as employee well-being and addressing any gaps in innovative and creative thinking, these companies could achieve phenomenal business success. For this reason, he has established training to help companies and their employees develop their creative resources, in the pursuit of ultimate excellence and creativity.

Finding Business Success

A company choosing to pursue this training soon finds the team members far more open about how they think and feel. There is no fear of consequences when expressing their true feelings. This gives the company’s management team the opportunity to offer and receive genuine support.

Both employers and employees find that Kobus Neethling’s training results in a more relaxed working environment and improved productivity. The company and staff all reap the benefits.

All employees must feel that they are an integral part of the company. This results in increased levels of passion for their work, a substantial improvement in motivation levels and an inspired staff.


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This article was published in Succeed, Aug 2011

Nov 6, 2019

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