Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 2

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Brain bytes Harvard maintains a Brain Bank where over 7,000 human brains are stored for research purposes. We have certainly come a long way from ancient times when the brain was seen as a kind of “cranial stuffing”! Brain research that has stretched over centuries has revealed an organ that is the [...]

Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 1

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Origins of Love and Romance Loving relationships and romance are accepted today as an essential component of a positive sexual experience. It is, however, a fairly recent development; most probably dating back to the late Middle Ages where it originated with the troubadours and was then adopted by the reigning classes. Romanticism [...]

Test Yourself: Are You Helping Support our Teachers?

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Let's get straight to it: our teachers are struggling. But are we doing what we can to support our teachers? According to the South African Bill of Rights (2000), it is required of an educator to acknowledge the individuality, uniqueness and needs specific to each learner. Furthermore, it is the [...]

South Africa vs England: Why it takes Whole Brain Thinking to Win a World Cup

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Many Minds Thinking as One On Saturday the 2nd of November 2019, the world was treated to a sterling performance by two of the top rugby teams in the world, South Africa vs England. Spoiler alert: South Africa came out on top! And it was no accident. It is one [...]

Charting Your 21st Century Journey

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Staying in yesterday It was in the 1980s that Paul Torrance entered my life. He was a tomorrow person, a master on how to become creative, and often remarked that it has always been easy to play around with yesterday. For some people, the excitement is to try to make [...]

IQ Test – Am I Clever or Am I Stupid?

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IQ Test – Am I Clever or Am I Stupid? Let us get it clear from the beginning: nobody reading this post is stupid. Well, inherently, at least. This blog will not be drawing the line between the haves (the clever ones) and the have nots (not the clever ones). [...]

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