Elements of Creativity (1)

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Feel The Flow of Ideas Fluency of thought is one of the cornerstones of creativity: it is about generating ideas without evaluating them. This allows one idea to become the springboard for another, and as this process starts to flow naturally, a wealth of ideas are generated. How to practice [...]

Getting Positively Charged (1)

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Are You the Only Thinker of Your Thoughts? You are the only thinker of your thoughts. Nobody gets to choose your attitude. Do you choose to be happy and positive? Imagine you are in a staff meeting where new working hours are being discussed. Or, visualise being at home with your [...]

Happiness and Joy (1)

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Don’t Worry, Be Joyful Most dictionaries make little distinction between “joy” and “happiness.” Psychologists, philosophers and religious leaders have spent centuries to research these two concepts. So if you're searching for happiness tips or tips for joyfulness, these are essentially the same thing. They have identified some factors that affect [...]

What is Creativity (1)

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What Is Creativity? There are more than 400 registered definitions of creativity. Creativity is… … attitude. Creativity is not a talent or an action – it’s a choice of attitude. You must be positive about creativity, and only you can choose your attitude! … no longer just “a nice to have.” If you want to [...]


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