The Creativity Quiz: True or False?

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The Creativity Quiz: True or False? 1. What is the link between creativity and intelligence? The Oxford Dictionary describes intelligence as intellect, understanding and if you are intelligent, you show a ‘quickness of understanding’. Is this really all there is to it? What are the views of people in general? [...]

How original are you?

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How original are you? To think unconventionally about problems and situations, we often have to REDEFINE. There are exercises waiting for you on pages 42-45 of Creativity Uncovered. That means we have to Give up previous interpretations of objects and their uses Think of things in their broadest meaning (pig [...]

Coming Up with and Keeping Good Ideas

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Coming Up with and Keeping Good Ideas Having good ideas is one thing. It is just as important to save them! Sometimes you may have an idea, but no recording material – then it’s time to be creative. Use what you can find. If you are in a restaurant – [...]

Everybody Can be Creative

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Everybody Can be Creative Help! I’m not Creative! Yes, you say, it’s easy to say everybody can be creative, but what if you really don’t think you are? You don’t think you have bright ideas and hardly ever come up with something original. Let’s remind you that you have the [...]

Creativity: So, what is it Really?

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When did Creativity “Start”? Take a moment and watch small children at play. See the curiosity, the wanting to know, the experimenting, the seeking for and discovery of possibilities in the simplest things? It seems as if we are all born with the natural ability to be creative. But, like [...]


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